John F Kennedy once said " Children are our most valuable resource and best hope for the future" I wrote this for my step daughter after realising how stressed youngsters get a school even during preliminary exams, how upset they can become some unable to cope or sleep.

                                                  EXAM TIME


                                         Head to book deep in thought,

                                         Pen to paper words and numbers,

                                         Thinking thinking all the time,

                                         Have I done enough is there still more.


                                          Up from worried sleep and out the door,

                                          I've got to be at School on time,

                                          as if it were serving time for a crime,

                                         Then down at my table sat in my chair,

                                         Up at the wall I gave a quick glare.


                                         The Clock ticking ever so slow.

                                          Wishing this day would quickly go,

                                          Ring ring ring at last goes the Bell,

                                         One less exam and day of worrying hell.


                                       Another and the same routine as before up and out the door,

                                       Oh please go by quick there's still three more I implore,

                                       Friday comes at last the afternoon bell gives a blast,

                                       Thank god that weeks over home at last .


                               I know I've tried my very best with Maths, English and all the rest,

                                                     I hope I've passed for I'm so blessed,

                                                     Having loving parents to guide me through,

                                                          Now to the future and what to do .


                                                Written by Grant  McPhee Dickson  on 14/02/2016



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