I hate religion



I'm waiting for the world to change

the system cannot create anything 

it just delays disrupts disforms, corrupts

it takes people with their hopes and dreams

and temperament and feelings

and delays disrupts disforms, corrupts

it' s a nazi hierarchy system 

let me take responsibility for your all and morality

and love and pride and self esteem will be yours in abundance

i won't forgot I'm calling you out Opus Dei!

The people see through your mask

why so paranoid? Oh I'm sorry, your delaying the apocalypse

you have a special mission to take away everyone's

mental freedom

emotional freedom

financial freedom-you destroy families without any more qualms of conscience than killing a fly!

your hypocrisy is rank

i smell it, the people smell it

come into the light you grey slimy maggots!

let the people see your flabby flatulance, or petulance, or flatulance

flabby faggots, you're all fags, your celibate women are lesbians and the others are children you're all children

you're all gay lesbian flabby slimy screaming babies

Opus Dei is from god! Which one, vishnu isis osiris or a water nymph 

who never wears a bra swinging dangling boobs tits slapping the surface of the water as she bursts to the bank and rests her pale white arms on the lawn with an innocent seeming seductive gaze on the startled pool boy she's been watching for weeks, looks like they'll get some...


oh, Opus Dei fils people with guilt and shame over their sexual feelings. Try as they might they will never stop castrating men and sterilizing women who don't have 100 per cent party loyalty it's fucked up

castraying and sterilizing with their shit pile philosophy Oh we're from god josemaria escriva makes me pee a little every time I watch him on youtube videos is that normal? yes it means you're destined to rule 10 cities when the aliens come and conquer this planet

i see your hypocrisy you fags you speak with forked tongues always deceiving everyone outsiders insiders yourselves your submissives your doms the people see you society is about to expunge you from its system

you used to hold the reins and castrate and imprison and exile those who didn't accept your matrix

but society will castrate you society that cruel organism I would rather super predators like you were muzzled and castrated that you were made incapable of fucking guys in the ass all day every day

for you it'll be die in your folly or else

you will die because you are dead you are the walking dead

this sounds stupid 

but it gets to the heart

you are the walking dead

you are dead 

and at last

people and groups like you

will be dead

or else I don't want to be around

but the world has changed and you already are

being expunged

you can feel it can't you?

it's not like the old days

mankind's naive pleasure in the mystisystem of religions like you

is gone is gone 

man is no longer innocent (thank god)

man is no longer so destitute of knowledge 

man is more than your 6th century dualism can control

you are dead

you are a ghost

we're waving at you as you eat the dust of the world as it grinds slowly on

you're a bruise a banana peel 

close your imagination

there is no future

in you







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