New Day




I woke up this morning
to the aroma of life
The sun is shining through the clouds
I open my blinded eyes and welcome in the light
What a wonderful day to be alive
Recognizing my gift is the present
Tomorrow is what we hope for
But to simply exist today is my blessing
I'm living in the moment
I'm unwrapping my heart
I'm throwing smiles at the masses
hoping my point of intent hits it's mark
To shine is my birthright
There is no eclipsing my purpose
On dark nights
I reach inside myself to find light
I'm beaming now, I can feel a resurgence
I was buried in despair
Now love is making its way to the surface
They threw shade and stones at me hoping I'd build a cave
But once you've been free
You can't never feel comfortable being a slave
Today is my resurrection
Thank God for this moment of atonement
Thank him for showing me some thing I never could see
I spent my life chase after treasures
This morning I discovered that treasure was me.......

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