Count Your Blessings



Do you know how fortunate you are?

I gave you money while I stop at the stop light,

Almost couldn’t hold my emotions,

Didn’t know how to act right,


Stressing about employment,

But has more fruits than most did,

Your reaction to my settle actions,

Left me moved,

Because a few dollars,

Felt like it was magic to you,


Your eyes blew up,

Your eyes froze,

It touched my soul,


I no longer cared about a job,

I only counted my toes,

And the fortunate position,

I was blessed to be in,



For the perfect situation to be in,


Because from that moment on,

I knew most,

Had it worse than me,


Sorry if I ever cried about my silver spoon,

Sorry if I ever cried about my ideal room,

I’m sorry,

I’m sorry,

Forgive me for not noticing,

I’m more blessed,

Than I was ever knowing


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