The Boy Is A Poem



Full of feathers, thoughts.I sink back into adventure.Please be patient,because I’m a minefield of mistakes,and I need something gentle.At last, I sleep. You’re so deep.Tripping and falling as you struggle to find me,but I believe you wh...

Full of feathers, thoughts.
I sink back into adventure.
Please be patient,
because I’m a minefield of mistakes,
and I need something gentle.
At last, I sleep.

You’re so deep.
Tripping and falling as you struggle to find me,
but I believe you when you say,
you’ll be right back.
With arm bands and a sea of sense.

Murky waters in which I will end.
I struggle harder to find you,
Two syllables and I’m back.
I found us both,
right where you said we’d be.
You don’t even complain.
You get how my mind works.

Unwind your name,
two syllables,
no more time to waste,
The breath on my neck,
two hands on my waist.

Your name,
two syllables,
your way with women,
I’ve loved you many times,
my unusual poem.

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