Blessed Curse.



The Bard never had this problem, but if he had I flatter myself he'd have written about it this way (though probably done a better job). Once again I'm unable to fit the sense into 14 lines, sorry Bill ;)

My social presence grows from strength to strength.

Please follow back! (here is the link for you;

You see, I find I'll go to any length,

To earn another like, or maybe two.


I'm better known than @Trump! (allegedly)

I've got more followers than @God! (I'm told)

Now thousands hang on every word I say,

And retweet every image round the world!


Yet when I think on it, it seems to me,

I starve to feed my public's appetite.

I give my all for popularity,

To network seems more urgent than to write.


The more I blog, the more that I retweet,

The more uplifting quotations I post,

The more I follow, and who follow me,

I wonder if perspective has been lost.


Though fan-base grows, less revenue it brings;

The blessed curse of social marketing.



© Marcus Brook 2017

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