After Death



a surprise after death


I think I'm dead

I was tending the lawn

The morning bright and crisp

When all of a sudden I crashed to the ground

No warning, no indication

Not even a moment of pain

Now I'm looking down at my body

I look so at peace

Eyes closed

Lips parted

As if, I'm asleep

Well, this is awkward!

Most unexpected

Hmm, what a predicament

A bit of a pickle

I guess I got it wrong

The aftermath of death

The anticipated eternal nothingness

The long sleep

My bad!

What am I?

A ghost?

A confused soul?

A scrap of consciousness?

Now my wife and children appear

Screams aplenty

'I'm fine,' I say

My family choose to ignore me

How rude!

The neighbours come out

They crowd over my body

An ambulance arrives

My body is wheeled away

My family go back indoors

The neighbours walk away

I'm all alone

Twiddling my thumbs

Scratching my chin

Now what do I do?

Maybe I'm meant to float away

I jump

I land

Oh dear!

I'm so confused

I need to clear my head

Gather my thoughts

A nice stroll should help

I take a couple of steps

And fall into a chasm

I'm falling and falling

Arms flailing

Legs kicking

Further and further I fall

Where am I falling to?


Let me think


Not that place!


I've been a good boy

Okay, I may have been an atheist

Used profanity sparingly

Enjoyed a weekend tipple

Even smoked a secretive joint now and again

But that doesn't make me a bad person!

I've paid my taxes

Cared for others

Loved my family

Loved my friends

I don't deserve eternal damnation!

It's not fair!

I continue to fall

I close my eyes and wail like a baby

Then ...

I'm no longer falling

I'm still crying

Okay you big crybaby, you can stop your blubbering

Only ... I can't

I sound weird

I open my eyes

Everything is a blur

Bright lights overhead

Soft voices curtail my crying

Female voices

'Look, he's opened his eyes!'

'Isn't he adorable?'

'So cute!'

'What a little darling!'

I blink several times

The blurriness recedes

I see three heads above me

Three women

Smiling faces

They are unknown to me

Complete strangers

They look so big!

I feel so ... small!

A finger strokes my hand

I grab the finger

My hands!

They are tiny!

I attempt to sit up

I don't have the strength

Or the ability

A stupid blanket holding me down

Fingers stroke my cheek

And my belly

Stop prodding me!

What's happening?


I remember tending the lawn

When ...

I think I had a wife



My memories are fading

My name is ...

I've forgotten my name!

What the fu-

'Goo goo ga ga ... goo goo ga ga!'

'Aw, he's trying to speak!'



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