Because it's about time we stopped putting pressure on ourselves and each other. Please, be kind, be yourself



We are always hiding, saving face, 

Putting on being brave just in case,

They see how we really truly look,

Instead of being ourselves, we remain closed books.

We cover up a blemish; we cover up our spots,

We cover up our anger and it's like we forgot

How to just be ourselves, to live and just be;

Go about our little lives, easily.

We're so fixated with our faces looking like the magazines,

We've stopped taking care of what's behind the scenes.

When we are hurting we paint on perfection,

We avert our eyes from our sad reflections.

We cover up pain with a big bright smile,

Act out the facade and all the while

I'm wondering if anyone feels the same?

If anyone is ready to stop playing this game?

I showed you once, my eyes of black,

But you froze and ignored, so I painted it back 

To happiness and sparkle but it is such a chore,

When you're burning inside; so I'll do it no more.

Make up removed, take off our masks,

Show our wounds, our scars, and stop this farce.

Fakery is failure, let's concentrate on truth,

We'll be so much more content and I'm the living proof.

No more covering up, no more spreading lies,

When we truly trust ourselves, we see there's no need for disguise.

So let's get back to this real world, leave the land of make believe.

Be real, the "you" you truly are, because that is beautiful to me.


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