Breaking History



A star-being who affects and inspires the world, creating a miracle in their lives, and changing the history of the world.

Breaking History


She breaks history with a delectable smile, 
flirting with the world while confiding with herself
Her heart is brazen and her soul magnified; unraveling,
Uncoiling, and raiding the divided and the incurable
Weaving her magic with star-infected wisdom and power
In her solitude, the world quakes but struggles to smile
Releasing a deep turmoil and emotional carnage
One body at a time, 
Their hearts melting like ice,
unleashing a powder-keg of pure delight

Shadows sharpen their outline
As they push through the marble-hardness of their lives
Succumbing to fears and untarnished love
Bearing gifts they never knew existed,
Sprinkling each other with an implosion of the senses,
And Unmasking beautiful treasures within.

She extends her reach, 
tinkering away until she finally folds back into the night.
Shrinking to the size of the smallest star
As brilliant and sharp as any star-being
Beaming a beautiful, everlasting love,
As showers of star dust fall...

- Gordon Donaldson


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