It was just another day



It was just another dayThe sun shone grayThe skies cried blueDoves cooed sadnessSoftly A solitary twoMourning morning’sDeparting Nothing newThe grasses greenedIn silenceAs alwaysThe birds preenedLeaned from nestsSang trueThe flowers blushedThei...

It was just another day
The sun shone gray
The skies cried blue
Doves cooed sadness
A solitary two
Mourning morning’s
Nothing new
The grasses greened
In silence
As always
The birds preened
Leaned from nests
Sang true
The flowers blushed
Their pastel best
The breezes caught
A solemn breath
And everywhere
The heart of you
And everywhere
The soul of you
In echoes of
I wished
And wished
For just another day

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