Quantum pychiatrist and best-selling SciFuturist author Semour Nao is a regular commentator @ PBO's (Pandora's Box Office) "Just SAYin" on PUNC (Parallel Universal News Channel).His latest book, WEBNICITY: WHEN The Spider Floats Like A BUTTERFLY won the 2020 Rational Look Award.


A brain structure that tracks negative events backfires in depression, a new study finds. The habenula — a structure the size of a pea — reacts strangely to negative events, researchers have found..." (Article link below)


My God!  So they feel, they think it's the size of a pea

in the brain's hemispheric pod

the size of a pea. Hear. See? I've taken mine out

momentarily.  It feels like the wind

of something leaving nothing behind in a dream

I'll take years to remember.  I'll now return it then, squishy,

yet, see? a perfect re-fit! like- like an eyeball sucked back to socket,

finger-tip wet with the "LOOK" of it. I can't "explain"

this. . .(biting from a stiff lower lip the urge softly

thoughtful--as if on social media I'd chosen

to "unfollow" a bi-polar bliss

just to see if it was something I might feel 

lost without, a view my inner journey would miss.


Potentially Xessential. Even, Maybe

well, say...somewhat like a city on a map

with a secret industry (to its host country

of gray matter as it were...) No mic drop

but a tap to test before the nation's captive audience

is addressed by a deepening nature of depression

a turn for the worse (or the better, too!)

in the bittersweet archives

of one's experience in a universe

of so countless many & fleeting lives...the one letter

present or missing by which the spelling bee is lost

or a long surname wronged on a tombstone

with the blame on survivors, left alone for correction's

extreme cost (or poetic justice, out-of-court settlement



Could be. Or NoT. Can anyone see why NoT nOw?

So much depends upon this concentrated space!

The human brain in studying itself

remains obviously stuck with itself.

Roger, CT (CopiedThat) [Mind2BrainCanYouHEREmeNAO?]

A convoluted navel-gaze on steroids 

(or, what?  catcher in the rye-mold?...i.e., LSD




Breakthrough the looking glass to access backfire extinguisher?

Yes! try what's true first, but lie with unmitigated abandon

if you can't believe you'll enough appear to MEAN it

in case of FEAR, that is: say "GoodBYE!")


Regardless I can't stop wondering 

if the concept 

would have its own quantum-neural entanglement

spooky inaction @ a distance

or an otherwise burgeoning attatchment to an outcome


the pioneering lab united to surf a curl of 'field' posterity

(ever the race ON to leave fingerprints on Suchpressed envelope)


with felony failure defended or prosecuted

in a personal courtroom the size of a pea--

but success? as with all bold fresh fact

the research team first to arrive

at the reason to believe

wins a true & beautiful honor




But I DO remain engaged

by the depth of neurocosmic irony here--

that this very discovery

would be triggered 

if its premise faced unexpected challenge

(given the intellectually-atheletic competition

of "the field" (scientifically 'across the board')


that something the size of a pea in the brain

would so regulate response to consequential setback, 

Staring at its own truth, as it were.

Fearful of being abandoned, repudiated, altered,


an attachment to charismatic outcome

Science & Art




Truth & Beauty, the Truth & Beauty part played whole


center-stage co-stars

Discovery & Expression

of course they overlap

as mind & heart are both compromised

if cheated of the other's measure


but it goes to science to bring us news

of this "habenula"

what it's been up to all these eons


good to know! 

(Isn't it?) Or. Maybe not.

Or so much. I don't know...





There MIGHT be (and might would be right by me in this case)

There could be a spirutual 'singularity' far smaller than a pea

in the brain, a transmortal Big Bangularity

braced for lifetimes to go off into nothing so purely

it expands instantaneously beyond

everyting in passing on contact


with something, with something well...

like a parasublimated "condition"


THUS NAO: (as I like to play the word my name is

like a Tarot card if that's okay) Nao then could be an optimal time

to start seeing it

then "believing", then beTWEEN everything and nothing @ Once

cancelling each the other out

creating a third state of crucial being,

a pointed point of pointlessness! 

of neither arrival or departure

but fully beyondated

by encrypted definition metaproving

manifestly infinessential: B=UC4


--Semour Nao, M.D.


Quantum pychiatrist and best-selling SciFuturist author Semour Nao is a regular commentator@ PBO's (Pandora's Box Office) "Just SAYin" on PUNC (Parallel Universal News Channel). His latest book, WEBNICITY: WHEN THE SPIDER FLOATS LIKE A BUTTERFLY won the 2020 Rational Look Award. 







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