The Stigma Attached to S



One of the writers I follow said, "It's a permanent answer to a temporary problem."

Yes, the state leading to it is temporary and it can be prevented. I told her people should be aware of what's going on with other people. People should be crazy enough to be brave and tell someone how they feel, what they think. Then people should learn to care and understand instead of judge. And always hold on to something that's far stronger than yourself and that is God.

Hope we can hear the mute alarm when it rings.


he wanted to know what it's like. to die. but

without dying. so

he committed suicide.

not to die, mind you. he didn't want to die.

just to satisfy curiosity

("that kills the cat" — a whisper

from somewhere in his mind),

he bought

sleeping pills. poured half of it

in his hand.

1, 2, 3, he counted and

kept on counting.

took one. swallowed. two,

three, four. at five, he started crying.

six, seven, together with sobs and hiccups

he started asking, "what?

what's-happening?" he's shaking.

pills, he kept on throwing, 'pluck, pluck'

in his mouth. no stopping.

pills. tears. trembling. he can't stop until

he can't take anymore. everything

was spinning. stomach

churning, vomiting within. bad.

he feels bad. terribly bad. until

it's not bad anymore.

he lie, fly, sigh.

die. knowing...




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