Riddle My Name?



Once upon a time in the middle!!

Poem: To Santa.Original.Material.Pirated.

It's as if to say what's the difference. Word difference is the different.

It's too late.Dry your eye's mate.Don't mog yourself.Sharp Darts.

Question? To be or not to be that is the question what for what for?

Now my style is distinguished all fires are extinguished

Ask your girl to sing and she'll sing this 

I'm a scientist 

What is that?

Something old, something new.

Something borrowed, something blue.

Turn the page. Blinded by the light's. Let's push thing's forward

No sales pitch, no media hype no hydro, it's nice and ripe

I speak in communications in bold type

This ain't your archetypal street sound

Scan for ultrasound

North, South, East, West and

all round and then to the underground.


What am i?

Roses are red. Violets are blue.

Chocolate's a treat. Poetry is true.

Stay Positive. Wouldn't Have it any other way.

But on second thought's I won't do shots no.

I think i will sit on the sofa and eat my TV meal.

I would actually much prefer to just sit here and chill.

Roaching a spliff, watching East Enders or da Bill.

Cause basically I love her and I love being here still.

And I love sitting on the sofa with my girl for real.

I don't want to knock my mates but there it's the same old drill.

Roaching a spliff watching the TV is my will.

What's my Name?

The irony of it all. Weak become heroes.

I wanna play a game. 

Let's talk space and time. I like to get deep sometimes.

And think about Einstein, and Carl Jung and old Kung Fu movies I like to see.

Pass the hydrator please. Yeah I'm floating on thin air.

Going to Amsterdam in the New Year top gear there.

Cause I take pride in my hobby.

Home made bongs using my engineering degree.

Dear Leaders, please legalise weed for these reasons.

I-spy with my little eye something that looks like.

A riddle. In 500 years they'll play this song in museum's.

Yours sincerely to be continued.

P.S. European Bob sorted.

P.S.S. R.S.T.




Global Scriggler.DomainModel.Publication.Visibility
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