Big Picture



Listen for what you don't hear. Listen past the smallest sounds and hear into the distance. Breathe deep into relaxation and oneness.

Take a look at the sky and realize the Big Picture, look above that of which you see for all is attainable to you through the benevolence of substance. All is at your will exposed to your being, and your breathing as each breath belongs to you.

Take a moment to breathe deep holding your breath, as you close your eyes prepare you a space above your vision would normally see. Notice how everything is inside of this space and this is your space that you have captured in this breath. Now understand that all that is beyond your space is pulling towards you instantly now. 

You belong to all of this benevolent structure, and you have all of this substance at you command. You can see everything now and have the power to know what this is. You can continue with your day and return to your space because space is infinite and the substance belongs to you. You will feel good anytime you do this and know that you have knowledge of your space and control over your being and all that is around you from now on.  Have a blessed day!

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