A Meditation On: The Myth of Manhood



I am told to be "a man." I am not a robot. I am simply a man. Who knows what a 'Real Man' is, anyway? lmr

We offset masculinity 
With bravado and obscenity 
Afraid to embrace sensitivity, 
We disconnect from our poetry. 

We boil in soups of complexity 
And stew in our futile brutality 
Too fearful to reveal our humanity, 
We ignore our peace mentality.

We inflict our core fragilities
Upon weaker ones, for clarity 
That we are MEN... a phallically- 
Challenged curiosity, with no idea of
How to be.

We shield our insecurities 
With braggadocio and hyperbole 
Ignore our wounds and maladies 
Projecting our faux-vitality. 

We erect and flex our sexuality, yet 
Disguise our chronic uncertainties 
We exaggerate our salaries 
As we over-inflate our reality 

Refusing to acknowledge our fallacies 
We stoop to acts of inhumanity 
We masturbate our M-16s 
And falsify our legacies... 

We’re victims to this harsh disease 
Contorting our souls into machines 
Terrified that shows of empathy 
Might destroy our guise of 

Masculinity. Yes, we are
A species called MEN. We stew, we boil in 
Soups of complexity, with no idea of
How to simply



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