A poem I wrote during my mums fight against terminal cancer.

Mums poem.


Future uncertain, lost and afraid.

Universally scared, unknown desperate days.

Cannot see past the fear that clouds our minds.

Kind words and sympathy ring out in chimes.

Yesterday was clear, but now it looks dark.

Over the hours, our hearts stop to laugh.

Use of our voices, becomes an empty sound.

Cancer it had once whispered, muttered aloud.

Answers to questions run through the room.

No one can speak past the feeling of doom.

Can’t take it in, it all seems too much.

Everyone is shattered, desperate for touch.

Reaching out for hope and loved ones to hold.

We all feel the weight, the ache of the cold.

Each trying to make sense of what feels like a dream.

We all have seen the statistics, we know what they mean.

Information seems to hold the key.

Lots of advice, facts and cold hard reality.

Lots of love, hope and strength to keep us all strong.

Being one as a family, no matter what goes wrong.

Everyone together one unit, one whole.

A family bound together in one decision, one goal.

Tomorrow may be hard, but today we're still here.

Yesterday is over. Unknown and full of fear.

Only time can tell what the future holds now.

United we stand to our very last bow.


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