Crying different tears, tears of different emotions, as you move through a relationship.

Tears of joy when we first met
Synchronised smiles and coy glances
Nothing ordered chaos set
Honeyed words and coy advances 
Tears of love as we dated
Connected thoughts and cuddling arms
In the stars our unison fated
Milky coconuts and swaying palms
Tears of hope as we planned
Blooming hearts and strawberry tarts
Losing ourselves in golden sand 
Singing angels and flying larks
Tears of envy when we distrust
Green eyes and unkind words
Checking and looking a must
Stealing magpies and cuckoo birds
Tears of hurt when realising we're through
Bitter tongues and twisted lips
No longer an honest word, all untrue
Grey clouds and poison sips
Tears of longing missing you
Rose-tinted memory and woeful thought
Holding onto visions turning blue
Aching heart and breath caught
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