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It is such a wondrous feeling, this entire wide expanse, the oceans, the seas


It is such a wondrous feeling

This entire wide expanse

The oceans, the seas

Oh such a feeling to be free

Cooped up, shut up

No more a prisoner of their emotions

Their actions

Their blackmails

An end of an era

An end of an eon

Oh this is the best to be alone

But not alone

You are here, you are there

You are everywhere

You’re by my side

And here in my heart where you reside

Watching, guarding, protecting

I hear your gentle whisper

Softly, gently

Telling me, showing me

“That all is well”

“The path is clear my dear”

My quiet, silent Angel

With all your unconditional love

How blessed, lucky that makes me feel

© Teresa Joseph Franklin

7th December 2013

All Rights Reserved

Taken from the book of poems

© The Little Book of Angelic Poems

© Teresa Joseph Franklin

Published as an EBook from Amazon.com, Amazon UK

Published as a Paperback edition and published through



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