Unmet potential



What happens if love cannot be? 27/4/16

I am amazed that I survived 

the love that is in your eyes. 

Fierce and hungry eyes

eating my soul. 

devouring me like meat,

drinking me like ale. 

Your words are arms,

are steel bands,

around my heart,

crushing your love into me,

as if afraid that I will somehow

miss the point. 

I didn't.


Your skin is a billboard

I can feel the love coming off you 

in waves,

you are radiation

and I am a Geiger counter. 

I have your measure. 

I will take anything 

you throw at me. 

Do you think you can fill me up

with your raging tantrums 

and your torrents of illicit love?

Maybe you can. 

We will never know. 


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