Lament of a Landscape



Description of a changing landscape, how a child grows up independent and Father laments the changing landscape.

Lament of a Landscape


I walked with you in a landscape

The sky was black and you didn’t notice

Being young

Remember finding crawfish on the golf course

Remember walking slow,

Walking fast

Do you remember when walking

Was the hardest task


I walked with you in a garden

It was beautiful

And we ate plums

When other fruits were soured

And we would plant the seeds

And count the flowers

And we would never look over the fence

Only for turtles and the snakes

and the hidden places they went


Your smile would light my day

And calm the storm

I promised I’d keep you safe

And free from harm


And now you run on cliffs,

I have since lost my step

And I can barely throw rocks to a mocking tide

Or fathom where your journey went

I stand on a crossroad

Watching the flowers unkempt

And the plums never sweeten enough

Time insists it will give you back

But time I will never trust

So I stand across this landscape

The sky was once so blue

Can’t we lay in the grass for a while

And talk about the stars

And the sky

I promised I’d keep you safe

I promised I wouldn’t cause harm

But I can’t reach your precarious perch

Or fathom where you are….

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