The Longing for Far Star



By Martin Rezny. A poem from my ongoing sci-fi project, Masters of the Future.

To Far Star I’d like to fly
the guiding light in my sky

But as I move forward, it moves apart,
where once it was found now leaving a hole,
its still-dying shine marking the ever-start
of the long-lone night of my soul

Sometimes I falter

Why do I mire in futile desire
Why am I wrong to want to belong
I’m feeling wounded, so I keep hurting
longing for mercy of unending sleep

But then I remember, when I enter the embers
that yours is not the duty to sooth

Pain is a cleansing fire
lighting up a vigil for the truth
and I shall burn for you until I know who I am

Humbled in failure finally I can see with clarity

I am all of humanity

So small

My heart is weak, my vision narrow
Setting one foot out the door I stub my toe,
and oh, how great is my woe

I curse the wretched fate for all I wrought,
when I’m left in want of what I never sought,
giving up only fights I need have fought

But in you I find the strength to be
meeting my punishment fearlessly
Compared to be spared both sorrow and hope,
your severe justice is kinder reminder

Now if one day I find her
I’d know to let her go,
the guiding light in my sky,
I’d let her fly

Dedicated to H. M. R.

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