The View From The Rear



I wrote this whimsical piece about two decades ago, during one of the brief periods when I worked in an office. Don't take it too literally, I never had my own PA. Anyone less than about forty, so used to the current generation all-in-one printers, probably won't know what I'm talking about.


I watch you there, my beauty 

Bending over.

Your hair shining in the bright light

Your smooth arse towards me

And I watch.


You lean there, still, as the object 

of your attention,

Slips in, then out, then in and out again!

I breath and sigh in time,

In ecstasy.


Yet far too soon, it is all over, 

You turn again.

My breathing slows, I look away, and search,

For something else for you,

To photocopy.


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