Black Queen



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Black Queen,
Where would I be without ya?
You really showed me how ta,
Be strong in a world, that doesn't care much about ya,
And know your value,
Despite those who doubt ya,

Black Queen♕ you showed me,
What true beauty is that's hard working,
You're always so picture perfect,
Work harder than anybody,
Just to show your kids, they're worth it,

Black Queen,
I can't thank you enough,
You gave me and showed me how to dress up,

The compliments that I receive today,
"You dress so nice and work hard......everyday",
Reminds me in every way,
That your lifestyle was instilled in me,
It became apart of me,
So I hope everyday I'm a reflection,
Of the Black Queens that taught me,
How to live in this world,
And be a successful minority



Follow me on I.G. and Twitter @LJS_Writings

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