Fake Friends



Fake friends

Feels like i have been forced to be blinded 

By a fake lens 

Real life 

Fake barbie 

Fake kens 

The people that say 

Yes i will do that for you but i do not know if

That is fake whens 

Never walk over eggshells 

For any fake hens

Hung a lot out to dry on the washing line 

Nike and hike 

I can clearly spot the difference between the fake trends 

Everyone has got a name 

I could hold a list longer than my forearm 

After it extends

People push the limit 

Like there is no extent 

Life is priceless 

Every minute at every expense

Just be careful where you walk

Ladies and Gents   

To many haters  over there sat on the bench 

Traitors looking over now they are sat on the fence 

People camping in your life because they are living in tents

What really is the intention 

Stretched thoughts 

Relieving stress away from tension

Always good to get rid of the ex

This time in extensions

Erased fakes out of my life

Sorry names were not real enough to get mentioned

But i still gave you all a shout out on the last Sentence   



Poetry Written By Tammy Jeffers Wells 





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