A small setback



21/3/2017 A prose piece about family, present and future.

Two steps forward,

one setback.


I hold them in my arms,

living gold,

their smiles like sunshine

and even their tears

are wholesome living rain.

Skins smooth as tanned leather

and warmth to fill my heart,

these are my babies,

my lives to cherish.


There was one growing.

There was.


Yesterday marked a return to normality,

just she and me

and the boys,

laughing mischievously

through their latest endeavour to make me bald...

my throat betimes raw from chastising

but my heart is always,

always full of their love

and love for them

and eager to see them grow.


I teach them life lessons,

from my heart to theirs,

gift-wrapped in wisdom, warmth and kindness.

I yearn to help them along their paths.

My babies, my boys,

how I love them and all their tomorrows!


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