The Beauty of Gray



A poem inspired by Live's The Beauty of Gray.

Look into my soul
Please find me.
Something tells me I’m disturbed

Where am I?
Walking in this field of black grass,
White trunks, black leaves.

How’d that song go?
“The Beauty of Gray!”

What a strange and peculiar world this is.
I wear a mask, you wear a mask
So who’s the real person?
Asylums keep the real people locked away.

Call Dr. Lecter tell him I’ll be late.
I’ve got dinner plans with Vlad the Impaler.
Therapy can wait.

Crying won’t help…
Ice cold tears that are sweet
Wait that makes no sense.

Alice in Oz
Dorothy in Wonderland
Where the fuck am I?
I didn’t fall into a hole
And I didn’t twirl in a tornado
I just awoke.

And queer this world was
Just trees, grass and leaves
The trunks bent in peculiar shapes
That I myself had ever saw.

And in one blink
There you are.
Why are you staring?
Didn’t you see the trees, the grass and the leaves?
…You were looking at my soul…?
I see.
I also gave it a look of my own.

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