Ain't This Shit Romantic?



The following is based upon a True Story taken from a local news report. It breaks my heart when youthful potential is wasted. We've got to do better, people! Or else, if there's a hell below, we're all booked to go. lmr

It was a Saturday night and
Thick Dude walked his new lust-chick
past the cinematic lights of the blvd.
He was juiced on Hennessy and cheap weed as
gangsta rap blasted aggressive beats
through his brain. He was feeling hot
but his lusty new chick was feeling cold,
dressed only in a tiny leather,
                      mini skirt and fishnets.
Meanwhile, Golden Child Frankie P was 
running wild             and feeling no pain.
He'd just taken his b-ball team to
the State Finals and now colleges were
making offers of scholarships, shining
futures...  and all things glamorous.
Frankie P headed out for a victory pizza,
rockin' his new leather team jacket
like a dream that fit just right.  But it was
a cool Saturday night and Thick Dude's new chick
                                   was getting cold...
And so he bum-rushed Dream
Child Frankie B, brandished
a .45                   and fired 1, 2, 3 shots into
Frankie's black, athletic chest.  But
being a chivalrous motherfucka, Thick Dude
removed the fated leather, and brushed off all
                                           the blood
before wrapping lust-thing's
                            new coat
across her bony shoulder.
She smiled at him
like the perfect femme fatale skeleton...
and they held hands so tightly
as they walked like teen angels
deep into the lewd and 
crucified night. 
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copyright © 2016 by L.M. Ross
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