/ Riddle

This poem is based on Edward Nygma from Gotham

Riddles being said,

Can you work it out?


I only wanted to show my love,

but took it too far,

that it ended in chaos.


I'm trying to do my job,

I'm trying to continue what I'm doing,

but you keep messing it up,

you keep challenging me.


All I can think of are the riddles in my head,

I blurt them out loud,

waiting for an answer,

but I'm only working them out myself.


Oh, dear miss Kringle,

I wish you were in my arms,

holding you so tightly,

but your gone now,

I let you slip away,

it was all my fault.


Fighting with my other self,

realizing the potential I have,

knowing who I really am,

because I have worked myself out.



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