Truths rarely impact so hugely



5/10/16 About losing my self... hopefully not irrevocably

I fought against it,

like the sea shore fights the waves. 

I fought it, I struggled

and you watched me do it. 

You knew I was fighting. 

You knew I was failing. 

You knew.

I knew nothing. 


Then, one day, an epiphany...!

This feeling inside me, 

this gnawing, new sensation

was you.

From that day on I fell into you,

I knew I was falling at least,

even if my vision blurred and flickered 

quicker than my mind could adjust.


...and now you are gone,

forcibly removed from my every day.

And my vision and sense of self 

went with you...

into a deep brown hole.


I hope one day I can find me again...

I used to like that guy.

Used to.



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