Why we love a person more than any other

Million hearts would be excessively few
To express  my love for you.
If I could fly to the stars
 For each time you've made me smile,
For listening to my contemplations,
 Understanding my fantasies
And, being my love
For filling my existence with happiness
And loving me without any demands.

I love you since I know you're always there,
You catch me when I fall,
You listen when I require you,
 You are there when I feel alone.

I always  thought,
I would never discover someone
To cherish me the way I ought to have been being loved.
At that point, you came into my life
And showed to me
What intimate romance truly is!

Anybody can get your attention
It takes somebody uncommon to get your heart."
You are my true love,
Now my strength is you, my love.

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