One transsexual's poem to her family



This is a poem that I wrote when I came out to my family as being transsexual.

I listen to my family constantly quoting their Bible,
telling me about how my life has gone so terribly wrong.

If they think that their words are weakening me,
they'll soon learn that they're only helping to make me strong!

They tend to forget just who I am!
They say that I'm "wreckless and wild"!

Well, those are two titles that I'll proudly wear!
They prove that I'm my Mum's child!

Yes, it's true that there have been times when I drank too much...
and fell flat on my flippin' face!

And when I become angry, insulted or hurt,
my vocabulary isn't exactly full of words of angelic grace!

My hair isn't always pretty and neat...
and my stiletto heels try to break my damned neck!

Sometimes my heart will shatter into millions of pieces,
and I become something akin to a horrid train wreck!

My family calls me a "guy in a dress"..
They say that people like me go to "hell"!

Yes, it's true that I was born a male, many years ago...
But I'm a woman now, and becoming quite the "belle"!

They put me down for my spiritual beliefs,
and they'll say "There is only one "Lord and Savior!"...

And how many times have they cracked pitiful jokes,
about my so-called "awkward behavior"?!

Well, I have news for them, and the rest of the world!
I may not be perfect, but I'm freaking proud of who I am!

I'm quite clumsy, and I make more than my share of mistakes...
and I'm not exactly the kind of girl that you would call "Ma'am"!

No...I'm not a "christian", nor am I a saint!
And you'll not see me darken the doors of a church or a temple....

I haven't time for religious dogma and judgement....
I prefer to keep my life nice, plain and simple!

To my family, I have but one thing to say,
and I'll say it very loud and very clear!

I'm no longer bowing to your intimidation and intolerance!
I'll never again look upon you with childish fear!

I'm a woman now — whether you like it or not!
I'm a woman, from my long hair to my breasts!

And if you can't accept me — if you cannot cope,
then leave me alone and stop being such a damned pest!

You should see by now, that I will never change!
I'm as damned stubborn and hard-headed as a brick!

And that suits me just fine, and I'm quite content,
being a no-nonsense, Pagan lesbian chick!

Just like my Mum, I am my own person,
which is something else that you'll never change!

I won't conform to the person that you think I should be,
even if you do consider me to be unlovable, sinful, and strange!

So you go your way, and I shall go mine.
And I hope that you'll learn to mature!

Please keep your bible, and your beliefs to yourself....
because I'm tired of wading through your tons of manure!

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