End Of Discussion



Follow Your Dreams

I know we've all got them

Part of your life and you know you cant stop them

Attached to my thoughts 

So i know i cant drop them

I came from rock bottom

Spending years trying to find the lost keys to my dreams

To unlock them 

Like a box in a box in a box 

I got to unbox them

The most expensive place on earth is the graveyard

Buried ideas stuck in a coffin

They say life pays a price 

If the dead could speak 

They would say look what its costing 

Its already cost them 

This free world is still killing for nothing 

Life is getting so stupid 

They will probably start building a border wall 

To replace the stairway to heaven

Make you pay  for the crossing

Sometimes life makes me sick 

Because its fucking disgusting

Speak again soon

This is end of discussion


Poetry Written By Tammy Jeffers Wells 



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