A trip down life's mysterious road, asking why?


At some point, in life
I began to look for answers
Shortly after the carefree days were gone
I pondered, the whys
Found sanity usually
In the words to a song

Questions came easy
Answers hard
Prayers sworn
Mysteries of life
Unbeknownst to me
Why was I born

No Answers to be found
No sense to be made
Mind spins
Round and Round
There must a reason
Must be a purpose
There goes
Another season

Wanting to know
Why here
No accident
Still pretty sure
Something more to realize
Wishing to know
Wishing to be the wiser

All the days gone by
Years flown by
Still don’t know
Something more yet
Maybe life’s mission
Has been met

Living a good life day to day
Boring as it seems
Might just be the way

The way through the maze
Calm the mind
Let yourself be amazed
Answer always so close
Now you know
What you seek
Through life’s years
Now Yours
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