A Moment



For me losing my mother several years ago was devastating. I wrote this poem a few days after she died and it brings comfort to my family & I everytime we read it.

A Moment

Memories are moments which make up our lives,

Joyful, tearful- full of regret or filled with promise.


We cherish some moments which pass too swiftly,

We resent others which seem to last an eternity.


Too quickly the moments we shared have ended,

Too quiet is a world without your songs & laughter.


Our moments I treasure for they are precious,

In a world where we easily forget, our moments are unforgettable.


You taught me a single moment can change a life,

In haste a moment lost can never be regained.


But more than anything you taught me that to love,

Is a moment worth living over & over & over………


Not a moment passed when I did not know you loved me,

Not a moment passes when I do not wish to be with you again.




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