Warrior Breed



My most popular poem 'Warrior Seeds' that won author of the month on Spillwords fully revised. And blown out the frame!

Warriors rest well for what lies ahead,
He rattles battalions 'til he's finally dead.
Created a mind bent, dislocated thought;
Tore out my soul alone, moved farther on.
I can't explain disdain for all of the blind,
Sheep for a shepherd who long ago died.
Sometimes I smile for the ridiculous lies,
They ask if I write, I’m insight for the why’s.
Pride broke me, choking, close, I gave up,
Psychological bankrupt, poisons in my cup.
Homeless, kick dust, soldiers must march on;
Combat react, PTSD, streets are war zones.
Grind my mind's rind, winding my head,
Devil decapitated, fear of my God within’.
Reborn storm tearing apart hypocrites,
Battle scars, hard wars, all to give you this.
The prison, pain, passed wife, I push it on,
Screw the world you have got to be strong.
Be happy, be something that you believe,
Better than that, be everything and be free.
You are who you are stand tall and be real,
Any day you create this life you have here.
Ask yourself, who are you? Live to the fullest,
If you doubt it for others, fuck em, just do it!
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