Media intrude into lives

Bringing bad news and the lies 

My heart cries of tears and sighs

Unheard by the world

Wiping the image out of my eyes

Pictures blurred

Death in my tissue

Somebody died is the issue

Ask yourself before you shot 

If his aim was to really hit you 

If the bullet was meant to fit you 

Becarful what you commit to

What was his anger what was his purpose 

He's just like you 

Clowning around for the government circus 

I bet he was nervous 

He had to train fight and die for his service 

You took his life as a purchase 

Blood money

Beyond the grave you hear him speak

Telling you his life was deep 

He told you he was like you

He picked up the gun just to fight too

He knows it's frightful 

But the achievement you feel is delightful 

He was like you 

They call him 

A Soldier .



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