My Mind's Eye




The lake embeds calmness, heavenly, hardly a ripple to show

The cobalt blue sky is cloudless, a faint breeze, a consoling flow

Mountains stand silent, regal, elegant, untouched by time

Sprawling coniferous forest, dark green, exuding the scent of pine

The air is untainted, deliciously pure, cleansing my noxious lungs

So far from humanity, the earthly devils, creatures with forked tongues

My mind's eye offers solace, detachment, a most pleasurable dream

A peak experience, a fantastic reverie, floating down a soft stream

I see a great eagle, a roe deer, an otter lounging on the shore

Their virulent enemy, two-legged monsters, extinct, breathing no more

Life without people, a world without pain, free to roam, living in peace

Now that humankind has taken the plunge, the end of a cancerous lease

A moment of beauty, pictures of wonder, a planet  scrubbed of our deeds

Seeing this new world, nature in control, unspoiled with limited needs

I walk amidst splendour, fresh bloom, crisp and sweet

Golden sands, the finest grains, warm and lax under my feet

Rolling hillsides, basked in yellow, dusk governing the sky

Fields of wheat, poppies, corn, sunflowers, cotton, wild rye

I envisage an era, a Utopian era, shed of the evils of our kin

Our persistent follies, self-denial, committing sin after sin

One day my dream will become fact; our venomous hearts will stop

A world that can breathe, a horizon with hope, humanity has been given the chop



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