Athlete — Part 2



An athlete's train of thought before a competition

Sipping a drink, watching the show
A dozen disciplines you'd swap with
But now it's too late, your heart's spoken
Time to embrace what it's chosen
With an hour to spare, you roll out
Like a drunk man who just stood up
A frightening realization hits you
Your mouth is dry and legs heavy
What a day to feel crappy
There's a calming thought though
The strangest things happen once it's on
Underperforming when feeling strong
Breaking records when expecting lows
Following this line of optimism
You remember there's more
All the days you've trained before
Those efforts aren't magically gone
The starting signal will jolt your bones
For your sleeping shape a wake-up call
Better stop thinking and let it flow
Else you might stay in bed, dreaming on

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