Silence kills softly, moment by moment

Silence is not golden.

Its glinting edge slices the soul
Piece by slivered piece

No fragrant whisper says i love you
No seductive lips to silhouette her skin
No fingertips desire his arched back
The lost embrace adrift in stare of ice ........

As silence dies the fire within
Passion fades as embers close their eyes
Dreams of life once flowed freely
Now fall as rough grey stones on frozen pond

What gasp can hold her anguished sigh
As silent tears stream forth so hot
This silence kills her aching soul
As she longs for their younger days

Her soul cries out in one more search
Lest surrender of union once bliss draws near
His skin, his scent, his touch, his breath
Mock her broken grasp of vivid memories

Nothing dulls this piercing wound
That bleeds in search of his lost heart
He turns away from her ghost unseen
Did she ever exist at all?


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