A New Day (Working Title)



A short poem reflecting on the profound effect a sunrise has on the soul, when the nights are long and dark and daylight is the only brightness you can hope for.

Dark contemplations, so black they’re grey.
Tenebrous memories join in the fray.
Ominous tidings usurping light —
I cannot see the stars tonight.

Outside, grim darkness – vile demons swarm.
Despair, malignance — inside, a storm.
Tomorrow’s promise defies the blight,
resolves my will to stay the fight.

Over the hills to the east you rise;
warming my soul, igniting the skies.
Casting off shadow, bringing the light –
my heart unfetters at the sight!

Here beneath your radiant wonder,
the demons’ grip is split asunder.
Free from perdition, hope’s acolyte,
with renewed strength my spirit takes flight.


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