Theodore Bundy



He was nefarious but I love him still

Once I met a man, as charming as one could be

I noticed many times, his eyes would gaze at me

Dark, thick hair-and a disarming stare

But it was his smile that I shall never forget 

Hate me, I love him still and lack all regret!


As I walked his way, I cannot deny that I,

noticed an unfamiliar look I had to find out why?

His smile made me forget that essence

He would suppress when in my presence 


Often I would see it reappear however when it did

as if it were alive, it noticed I saw and it then hid!

"I see that there is something, you are really hiding,

darling if you are, I beg you please stop trying?"


"I could never tell you for you'd be out the door"

"I'd never leave you, because I love you Theodore"

He would always tell me, that he could simply not

confess- for my loss would leave him distraught.


But my father had my family moved abruptly overseas 

"I cannot loose you now" he was crying on both knees

I swear I cried so many tears so many years that I 

Grew to hate my father and wished that he would die.


I'd never find another man like my Theodore 

I'd always put others last, he always came before. 

He knew now I loved him, love without condition

so he chose to make a very risky decision


"Dont run away, it's me with you please don't panic. 

But some nights, make my mind become satanic.

I wake up in the morning soaked in the aftermath 

now you're leaving me I shall become a psychopath"


I saw him shake, "Have I made a mistake? "

"I love you Ted what difference does it make?"

I promised I'd remember, only the good in him

then reminded Ted that every mortal has their sin. 


"Theodore Robert Bundy

let us meet again some day"

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