growing into adulthood in my late 30s.

I'm not your puppet on a string
With which you do marionette things;
Rather, I am my own person:
Tears, sorrow, smiles, laughter...

I'm not a game for you to play
Where you cheat the deck to have your own way
No, I'm not anything like that
I'm flesh, bone, blood, and heart

My mind's decided it's had enough
Of you watching me go through times rough
I'm no longer begging you for stuff
I will take what I can get on my own

And here's the fun part for you, now
Since you ignore me when I am down
You won't read this one, but one day
You will, when I'm on top of my game

And you'll want to shower me with gifts
And money when I do not need it
But when I'm up high, I will be ignoring you
Because I don't need marionettes in my life.

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