Pulling beauty out of the air... like angels



17/6/16 Poetry set... many short poems rich in imagery

The moon rose over the still sea,

Quietly its light crept

Down the heavenly staircase...

It glinted off the ripples on the surface

Making night diamonds,

Just for you,

Their only perfect witness.


A breeze kisses your cheek,

Your skin ripples and pimples

At its caress.

A lover never was so gentle,

Nor did they touch you

So many secret and intimate places

At one time.


Snowflakes fell in my hair,

Melted as I tried to catch them,

My life too vital for their fragile beauty.

Your kiss on my frigid cheek,

A blowtorch to an icecap...

My smile cracks my chapped lips.


The puppies kissed me,

As only puppies can,

And babies can,

And adults can't.

With pure innocence

And not a hint of self.

It was all love,

All gift,

just for me.


The leaves rustled

As the snake

Slithered through the branches...

Green and unseen,

Its silky slinking


To the walkers below.


The baby birds,

Unaware of death approaching

Chirped, chorused

Loudly for their mother

To bring food.

Hastened their demise.


The skaters spun,

On ice. Slick.

Their blades

Sharp and hard.

Muscles twanged

Movements. Quick.

Their dance broken

Crystal shards


Children laughing.

Whose laughter?

Whose offspring?

Hats fly high into the sky.

Clouds adrift,

White on blue...

Come down,

Come down,

Follow the butcher bird,

Snap up a cricket.


Punched in the heart,

Blood gushing...

Red faced and hurt.

Angry? No...



No release.

It's a closed system.






Climb a ladder




At the top?

An axe


To chop chop chop





Quick death.

Make it,



The tree in the yard,

Myriad branches,

Twisted and turned,

Like a carpenter's lathe.

Carved by nature,

Smooth and strong.

See the monitor climb,

Sharp claws find purchase,

Delicate skin...

Quick as a wink,

It flew up the trunk.


Babies nestled

In a womb.

Side by side,

Holding, warming,

Loving their only home.


Offer your hand,

Your arm,

To the Lion's maw.

Place it in

And wait for the clamp.

Red tongue lolling,

He's not interested...

Stare him, glare him...

He doesn't care.


The music sings and thumps

In your head it echoes..

It's your song, yours and it calls you.

You are the music and the music is you.

Your feet shuffle, then


Slide... Step.

This is your dance.

Your harmony emerges,


I feel it.

My limbs move

To you, your praise.

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