Wandering To You



Poem about the hope of finding love.


The universe peeks in, Earth spins

Sun rises, falls and breaks free the moon

Life merges, each blending through

I stand still, listening, searching for you

Are you in the wind or in the rain

I feel your absence in my heart's pain

I look for you in the sunrise

And I pray for you at sunset

Hope beats hard within my chest

Dusty roads traveled, sometimes concrete

Always moving on, rarely to sleep

Are you in the homeless man

Or are you in the ivory towers

I look for you in winter's white coat

And in spring's flowers

I look for you in summer's stormy showers

And in fall's brisk winds and shedding leaves

Universe shows because it knows

The perfect timing it weaves

Are you in the ocean's waves

Or in the jungle caves

Waterfalls crashing into the rocks

Carving its path across in force

Just as this I will not alter my course

I freely fall into the abyss

To move by force as I wish

Step by step I move to you

Believing the way, the path I take

Must be filled with purpose and truth

Casing aside the follies of my youth

The flighty dreams and nonsensical whimsy

To hold fast and affirm adult truth learned

Much more to be had by merging of souls

Twining of strands, lifetimes unfold

Across the Earth, the roads I take

If I hold onto hope I know so true

My feet will one day wander to you


     A Wandering Soul | Lauren Zurchin | Source

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