Christopher the man-child



Here is a poem that describes a man-child called Christopher. A grown up can act in a childlike manner to teach a child. But awkward when the grown up is childish.

Christopher is twenty-seven 

He is such a childish man 

He is just a man by name and age 

His conduct is unseemly 

Thus humiliating 

 He cries at the smallest incitement

However, his sister generally grins

With some degree of innocence

Such childlike grins

He drinks a lot at the workplace party

He turns on football

Amid his mom's thanksgiving supper

What's more, answers his wireless

At his companion's wedding

Like the five-year-old he takes after

He'll likely sulk if adjusted

He can't be disturbed

To go to youngster naming service

Since it's that day

The most up to date variant of 

Assassin's Creed lands in stores

He wouldn't like to catch wind of your day

It's neurosis and a cerebral pain

He wouldn't like to meet your folks

He's discourteous to your companions

He's egotistical and supports the increase  

He doesn't get it 

While you get so irritated  

Sitting at home on Friday night 

While he gets a beer with the folks 

He can't focus on doing anything 

With you since something more fun 

Might turn up 

He's so fixated on toys 

Having the most current gaming frameworks 

The greatest TVs and the shiniest auto 

Pontoon, bicycle, and portable workstations

He sits on that ratty leftover lounge chair

Since all the cash for furniture

Went to encompassing sound

Running is exhausting

 He will arrange a pizza

Also never inquire 

What topping you need

He makes a mountain

Out of a molehill

He doesn't see anything incorrectly

With getting a charge out of snacks and TV

While mother overlays his clothing

He'll disparage you to support

His own particular personality

Daily, his sister sobs

Gracious! Christopher 

Your immature behavior

Is making me sick


                                 Henry Uche J.A.


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