5 steps to build a human being!



here are the first 5 steps an individual takes to becomes a good human being...

And the game started...
the gamut of living a life
it meant so much of a measure
my first breath, the biggest treasure

infancy had to but pass 
embroidering the ages altering my past
my first learning that came
was the conscious of humanity, the never ending art

I grew older with every breath inhaled
the turns life took, 
taught me yet another new art
Honesty the best policy
Even till death blows me apart

the world needed love more than I
When compassion took me over
I felt the need grow stronger
Underneath the grass and clover

the ephemeral joy of living 
A life full of hollow dust
philanthropy passed by my side 
simplicity is a must

I dreamt of God
When he asked me to love my enemy

I looked in the mirror
it was none other than myself

As an ode to humanity
I vouch to one and all
Be a man of honour and no self-doubt…


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