Two Poems: "Soul Shine" and "Skeletons and Sketches"



A Spiritually Themed Poem and a Literary One

Soul Shine

There is a part of the soul that wants to hide,

not be seen, not be hurt, and not be known. 

There is another part of the soul that wants to fly free of all restrains,

gliding through the night air and the beautiful sunny days of springtime,

strong, unafraid, going swiftly wherever it wants to go

and being whatever it wants to be. 

There is another part of the soul that wants tradition,

solidity, and strength like a mountain

never prone to rock slides or avalanches. 


There is another part of the soul that is fluid like the ocean,

waving to the moon and the shore.  

Our souls are part earth, part sky, part space and beyond. 

Beautiful and fluid like a gossamer gown or a cloak of light and air. 

Know your soul.  Let it speak for you.


---Lindsay C. Lightfoot


Skeletons and Sketches


I fell in love with you because you walked out of the pages of a novel.

Seriously.  You are such a character, even your ex-wife reminds me

of a saloon girl from the Wild West.  I can see her kicking up her legs,

throwing her petticoat from side to side, dancing on the top of a bar,

and you watching, thinking, drinking whiskey, the whiskey, oh whiskey.

In that past life, I might have danced in a saloon nearby, a place where

I’d meet a different rugged individualist, set in his ways, often spoiling me,

neglecting me, but ultimately leaving me alone and widowed

with a sea of the finest marble spread out beneath my feet.

Each morning, the sunlight promised but couldn’t cure my mad heart.

We all knew the whiskey couldn’t drown yours.  Did we meet in the ruins

of that past life, older, so little of our hope left, but still romantics,

still characters laughing and holding on stubbornly to a drink, a book,

or a body promising to get us through the night?


---Lindsay C. Lightfoot

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