A Great Accomplishment!



I was volunteering for a drug abuse recovery program. The students invited me to say something at their Graduation, so this is what I wrote!

Child, Just look at you now
They all said you wasn't gonna make it
Child, just look at you now
They laugh in your face, but you just take it
Child, Just look at you now
Your life is better now than ever before
Child, just look at you now
You done climbed so high, them thangs can't ignore
They can't ignore that fact that they judged wrong
They talked about you like it was going out of style
And now can't you see 'em eating those words
They spread rumors making you out to be bad
And the very thing they said 'bout you, is what they had
Through all of that, you kept on trucking
And that's what you gotta do
Keep on keeping on
You'll make it through
They smile in your face, all the time trying to take your place
Child you better be careful
Cause some of them still is watching, just in case. . .
Just in case you ain't paying attention
They think you may be slipping
They'll try to take what's yours, less I forgot to mention
Child you gotta watch 'em and stay on you toes
Cause they just as scandalous, Child you already know
They been jealous of you for a long time
They didn't understand why you still have joy
And they so miserable
They didn't understand why you laughing
And they so irritable
Child, they tried to act like they had it all together
While looking down on you
And now that mighty high horse they was on
Ain't nothing but horse dung
On the bottom of your shoe
So Child take joy and be glad
You kept the faith and stayed as sweet as pie
You smiled and went on, even when they told a lie
Child , just look at you now
You done came out mighty strong
Child, Just look at you now
They is all trying to sing your song
"I'm gonna wait on the Lord, until he comes"
But while they wait, hope they'll ask for forgiveness for the wrong they done
Child , Just look at you now
Running the race and still learning on the way
Child, Just look at you now
Past is passed and your future look like a brighter day
Child so keep on going with you bad self!
You still gotta hard race ahead
But keep on fighting
And don't start to swaying
Child Just look at you now
All things have worked together
You have learned from your ups and downs
Your Smiles and frowns
Your Suns and rains
Your wellness and pains
Dancing and mourning
Tossing and turning
Child you didn't give up
You just kept on going
Child Just look at you now
You are an example of perseverance
Child you got plenty of strength
People don't seem to know how
Child just give 'em a smile
And a wink of your eye and tell 'em
Child, just look at me now!



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