my cover of 7 years old



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cover lyrics — I need some vocal guidance

Once less than 2 years old, a story was told my real daddy wasn’t that good to my mother.

If this is the start I was shown then I'm grateful to know, that we should still love each and every other.

Its still a big big world so many things that can trick ya,  and in the lonely places — people forced to grow up quicker, minds blinded by the words of elders bold and slicker, please see through them kids n give the middle finger quicker,

Once I was 5 year old n my best friend left school I thought that I was so lonely what a fool, then it happened again over n I found another shoulder friends come n go at the right time just like mother told ya

Once I was 16 years old

I was 16 had a baby one n then another, I fell in love now I can never trust another lover, at near 18 I lost the man i'd always called my daddy

N when he died I cried so hard still sometimes miss him badly

Now I'm 26 years old, story untold, still the end could be around the corner, so I study real hard, build myself n heal scars, see myself on a wrong path time to warn her

Oh soon soon I could be dead n berried, n that’s life sure as hell I once found it scary, an would you miss me when I'm gone n in the cemetary…


Now im 26 years old 26 years old 26 years old story hardly told





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