An Office vs. Hollywood life



How does a star's life compare to my own? Could they understand the grind?

When you’re not feeling so proud of your occupation,

And fanciful daydreams are your sole inspiration,

When you look in the mirror and can’t stand what you see,

Best avoid Hollywood glamour as shown on TV,

Their lives revolve around fame, fashion and glamour,

Your sit for hours in traffic and fight with programmers,

They are welcomed at all parties and given gift bags,

You’re told your performance is marked by red flags,

They have staff to feed and dress them, do makeup and hair,

Your dinner was bologna, you need clean underwear,

As they party into the morning with awards and cocktails,

You’ll be in your desolate cube, reviewing email,

But even if they’ll never understand the ladder climb,

Remember, they still put on their pants one leg at a time.  

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